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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2023.3.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Manage or Apply Existing Policies to Specific Data Sources

Required permissions

To manage and apply existing policies to data sources, a user must have either the CREATE_DATA_SOURCE Immuta permission or be manually assigned the owner role on a data source.

Certify global policies

After a policy with a certification requirement is applied to a data source, data owners will receive a notification indicating that they need to certify the policy.

  1. Navigate to the Policies tab of the affected data source, and review the policy in the Data Policies section.
  2. Click Certify Policy.
  3. In the Policy Certification modal, click Sign and Certify.

Add policy exemptions

Once this setting is enabled on the app settings page, data owners can exempt users from policies on a per-data-source basis to allow those users to see all the data, regardless of the global or local policies applied. Note: By default, policy exemptions are disabled in Immuta.

  1. Select a data source and click the Policies tab.
  2. In the Data Policies menu, click Add Exemptions. This button will only be visible if policy exemptions have been enabled in your Immuta instance.
  3. Enter the names of the users or groups to exempt from your policies.
  4. Click Create to finish your exemption policy.
  5. Click Save All to apply the policy to your data source.

Copy policies from other data sources

If you created a data source that is similar to an existing data source and you would like to apply the same policies, you can copy those policies in the policy builder.

  1. Select a data source and click the Policies tab.
  2. Click Edit Subscription Policy and then select Apply Existing Policies from Data Source.
  3. Search for and select the data source that you would like to copy policies from. If your data source is capable of supporting these policies, they will appear in the policy builder. If not, you will receive an error. Be sure that the data source that you are copying policies from follows a similar structure to your current data source so that the policies remain relevant.

View policy diffs

Once you have a data policy in effect, you can view the changes in your policies by clicking the Policy Diff button in the data policies section on a data source's policies tab.

The Policy Diff button displays previous policies and the current policy applied to the data source.