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You are viewing documentation for Immuta version 2023.3.

For the latest version, view our documentation for Immuta SaaS or the latest self-hosted version.

Manage Data Dictionary Descriptions and Discussions

The data dictionary provides information about the columns within the data source, including column names and value types.

As a data owner, you can manage data dictionary descriptions, discussions, and column tags. For other guides related to the data dictionary, see the Related guides section.

Manage data dictionary descriptions

  1. Navigate to the Data Dictionary tab.

  2. To add or edit column descriptions, click the menu icon in the Actions column next to the entry you want to change and select Edit.

  3. Complete the fields in the form that appears, and then click Save.

Manage dictionary discussions

Deprecation notice

Support for this feature has been deprecated.

  1. Navigate to the Data Dictionary tab.
  2. Click the talk bubble icon to the right of the definition.
  3. View discussions on the far right side of the Data Dictionary page.
  4. Click Resolved to review any resolved threads or Open to review all open threads.
    • To reply to an existing thread, click on the comment, type in a reply, and then click the Save button.
    • To start a new discussion, click New Discussion, type a new comment or question, and click the Save button.
    • To resolve or delete a thread, click the menu icon and select Mark Resolved or Delete.

A notification will be sent to all subscribers of the data source.

Reference guide

For information about the data dictionary, see the Data sources in Immuta overview.

How-to guides

In addition to managing data dictionary descriptions and discussions as outlined above, you can interact with the data dictionary in the following ways: